Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BMX Worlds 2012

Two weeks ago, the BMX Worlds were held in Cologne. But this year the rain messed everything up sadly!
This year it was kinda hard to get there, that's why i packed my bike, backpack and my best friend in my own car to go to Cologne. Friday afternoon, it was all chilled with the Flatland Pro qualification and some sunshine. But unfortunately the rain started again and ruined the street contests continuing the whole weekend. So we ended up in a nice Mexican restaurant and our car, which was our sleeping place for the next two days!
I was hoping for the Flatland girls contest Saturday morning, but it was still raining and annoying the whole day. I met Monika Hinz around the afternoon and I built up my bike and was sessioning a little with her, which was pretty awesome. The day ended with some Flatland Pro Final runs, the Dirt Final and, like every year, a firework!
After waking up in the trunk (we really slept in the trunk and the backseats of the car!) Sunday morning the weather was still fucked up. The Worlds were nearly over and the Flatland Amateur Final and the Girls Contest was still going on. Not sure about what time, so we were waiting under roofs, chilling in some big Sinalco Chairs, which was pretty comfortable!
The rain stopped, we had like 20 minutes to practice and having the contest run, which wasn't that cool. Then we had to move to the Zoo bridge to end the Amateur Finals cause of (duh!) rain. I ended up 2nd in the Girls class but I didn't care much about that. After some confusion during the Ceremony the BMX Worlds were over.
After all these years going there I always have less fun from time to time, sadly. I'm not sure if I will go there again next year. But whatever ... I will still continue riding my little kids bike, cause it's fun! :)

Magnolia BMX

A little late but better late than never! As I said, I answered a few questions for Magnolia BMX a while ago. A few words about the BMX Worlds, the Flatland Scene, Competitions and Girl riders. Check it out right here!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Time passed by so fast and I didn't get a minute to post anything the last few months ... Shame on me! But nothing happened much since August. The daily routine was studying, working, riding, working, riding, studying. Not pretty exciting.

But I'm glad that there are the BMX Worlds in July. A good reason to practice even more the next few weeks! Other than that I'll have an Interview on Magnolia BMX soon! So stay tuned about my answers.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Blitz

There I go. A few weeks ago, I picked up my Deep The Blitz frame which is super cool to ride. It feels great and pretty dynamic! I hope it takes me far enough with my riding skills. :)

Thanks a lot to Matti!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Flatland BBQ Jam

Last Saturday was the first Flatland Jam ever since a long time, here in Berlin. The location was perfect and pretty much in the center of Berlin there was a huge hockey field. The ground was a little slippery but it was great to see that so many Flatland rider showed up. There was also a trick contest and a bbq as the name of the jam can tell. ;) It was a super chilled day with a dope party at the cassiopeia right after.
Thanks alot to Christian who organized this event pretty well and the riders who showed up! I think we should repeat this event a little more often now! :)

picture by David from Red Bull

Monday, July 18, 2011

BMX Masters 2011

Last week I went to the BMX Masters 2011 in Cologne. It's like an old routine going to that contest and everything is still super spontaneous! ;)
After a 10 hours trip we finally arrived in Cologne, just missing the Flatland pro qualification. But it was fun anyways walking around in the Jugendpark, having some beer and a hotel booking action trip. So I ended up sleeping and resting in a hotel before the contest on Saturday. It was funny, during breakfast I met my friends from Austria not knowing in which hotel there are gonna stay. Later at the park I rode a little, dealing with the ground which was still good to ride! We ended up jamming during the girls contest which was so much fun! After we finished I was all motivated going back to my home spot but I knew that it's going to be a chilled weekend first with watching a lot of BMX. When the dirt finals were done and the fireworks began to color the sky we headed to the Gloria club. It was a good party ... well as far as I can remember.
I woke up in the bus all alone but Ali came back at 10 in the morning, so we headed back to the Jugendpark. There was still a lot of chilling, sleeping at the beach and watching the Flatland Master Finals. After the ceremony we were on the way back to Berlin which was a super fun and chilled trip. As usual I got home at 4 am all tired and exhausted getting ready for university exams ...

All in all it was a great weekend, I got 2nd place, met a lot of old and new friends and I am all motivated to ride and progress. Woohoo!

pictures by Stephanie Posch, Diego Tejada and xsportsisters

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cologne here I come ...

... somehow.
The BMX Masters are in 2 weeks but I'm not sure how to get there yet. But I guess I will find an opportunity. ;) It's cool to see more and more girls that compete there every year. I hope there are going to be more Flatland riding girls soon! So .... see you there I guess! This is going to be another fun trip with lots of memories! YEAH!