Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rock Rip Roll Girl Interview

A few days ago Christine from rockriprollgirl published an Interview about me. She mentioned that "It was one of the few ones that I've already completed before I got the answer." I was one of a few female BMX rider, who got interviewed on her website, so I really appreciate that a lot!
She asked me about competing, my promo video and of course BMX. You can check out that Interview right here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

BMX Masters 2010

Two Months ago, the BMX Masters were held in Cologne. Like the last year the Flatland guys from Berlin rent a bus, I joined them with the goal not to miss my run this time. haha! (last year I missed my run cause they messed up the time table cause of the weather)

Friday, the 16th of July I met two of the guys at a train station. Since we had to pick up some Deep T-Shirts and Frames we were a little late. Around lunch time we hit the road and with a few stops in Hannover, highway restaurants and traffic jams we finally arrived at the Jugendpark. For some reason I couldn`t register anymore, also the security went nuts. So we found another way into the park. The night ended with some beer, flatland and a sleeping place in the rented bus somewhere in the center of cologne.

In the morning we woke up cause some people were yelling right infront of the bus, so we got up and drove to the Jugendpark, which made me super nervous! After sitting around, having breakfast and taking a shower, I went to the Flatland place to practice. I was surprised cause it was so nice to ride. Then there was a little session going on with the other girls. The contest run started, I was the first and all chilled during my tricks. It was so cool, having the Flatland guys from Berlin with me! Having something familiar right next to my run is such a good influence! I felt really good after my run, so I really could enjoy the riding of the girls, also street!
Somewhere in the middle of the day, I found out that i placed first, which was really great, so after alot of cool riding action the day ended with a good party at the Gloria Club. The goal was to find a place to sleep. But after a few weird happenings we ended the night, well morning in the bus. I slept in the trunk with my bike besides me hahaha. Weird! But comfi!

Sunday we spent the day with watching the pro finales, which was super cool and motivating! Well we also spent the day with waiting for the ceremony, since i won the girls flatland contest. We were way behind the schedule, so we hit the road back to Berlin around 8 pm. With some weird sight seeing in Hannover and some more hours on the highway, we made it to Berlin around 1 am. Good thing for me, I had to wait for my train home 2 more hours. Around 6 am I was home and totally happy about this cool weekend!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Newspaper Article

I feel a little bummed cause i couldn`t post anything since I don`t have any internet connection in my apartment yet.

Anyways, in July I got interviewed for a little report before the BMX Masters 2010 started. Suddenly it was in the local newspaper. There you go with the first part, it`s just in German. It`s mainly about my riding, preparation for the BMX Masters and how I feel.

HERE you go with the bigger readable version.

The Masters went over so we did another Interview, just to mention what happened. I`m gonna post something about the trip later.

So there you go with the second newspaper article.