Sunday, October 31, 2010

Flatland Fanatics 2

Next weekend there is gonna be the Flatland Fanatics Contest. I guess I`ll find my way to Minden on Saturday. Let`s see how it`s gonna be! See you there!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Trip to Vienna

Last year when I was living in Paris, I totally had to get out of this country. So I did and next thing I know is that I was in Vienna. Here is a little report I wrote for


When the daily routine is getting bored and riding starts to annoy you, a trip will mostly help against those frustrating moments. So without wasting my thoughts, I booked a trip to Vienna immediatly. The 23rd October 2009 was the day to get ready.

Taking my bike apart and puting it into a huge bag was such a good feeling that i nearly forgot my pedals on the microwave.

After a stressful RER trip and a horibble flight, I arrived at the Vienna airport, where Stephi, founder of „mizzi.“, picked me up. On the next day she took me to „Wien Messe“ where we met Irina for a little session. Too bad that the ground was messed up with stones and leaves, so the session didnt last that long, so we went for a coffee and a poker night.

With a lil hangover, Irina and me went back to the same spot the other day and needed to clean it first. But with a lil hand broom it was kinda impossible. Happily there was this guy driving around with his cleaning car and borrowed me a big broom. After 10 minutes the ground was free from annoying things and we started with a lil jam.

2 hours later, Stephi joined and we started to take some footage of my riding. Setting me under pressure is such a good thing for learning new tricks. So after 20 minutes a new little combo was dialed and I was totally stoked but somehow I realised that after 5 hours.

With more videos and photos, we wanted to take some more footage at a totally awesome spot. Even a barrier wouldnt stop me from the ultimate picture. After taking off that sucker, a security guy came, yelled around and without saying anything we left as fast as we could. Being a little tired, the day ended with some hardcore sightseeing, that continued the next day. Around 5 p.m. I was back at the airport where I had to say goodbye to Stephi who took me back there. Back in Paris the daily routine started again, but one thing is clear: Travelling with the bike is just one of so many great things about that sport.

A BIG thanks to Stephi and Irina, who showed me around, letting me stay with them and haveing a real good time there! This was definitely not my last trip to Vienna!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Winter is coming

Winter is coming I guess but I can glady say, that I am still riding! I`m so stoked to have the ICC just around the corner which I really aprecciate. If I wouldn`t live here in Berlin I would get depressed in my hometown, not riding! My motivation is so huge, I can`t even imagine myself! haha
So, since I`m working on some new tricks I try to take some footage as well to set me under pressure, to improve myself and to dial those tricks. News are coming soon! Peace! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

dedicating this post to


A few years ago, my super supportive friend Stephi from Vienna started her extrem sport blog called She is updating news about female athletes which is so motivating to see other girls doing their thing. So I was mentioned a "few" times in her blog as well! Without thinking I put her blog adress on my link section. Make sure you visit her blog regulary! Nice work, keep going my friend! :)