Monday, November 29, 2010


Recently Bart from FAT BMX asked me to answer a few questions for their FAT FAV's list. From the 1. - 6. December FAT BMX is going to pay attention on Girl BMX Rider, which is totally cool! Let`s see when my FAT FAV list will be online next week, which also includes some brand new pictures of a photoshoot from today! :) (Everything started with a serious smile of course! ;) )

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Riding at the ICC

Since I moved to the center of Berlin this summer, you can always find me at the ICC riding! (Except when I`m working) It`s always fun having cool, long, exhausting riding sessions alone or with the other riders! Last time I forgot my iPod and this one skater offered me to use his walkman, so oldschool! ahahaha.
Can`t imagine my days without riding there daily! ICC, I heart you! ;)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Flatland Fanatics Contest

So Friday, we made it to Minden with being a little bit behind the schedule cause the guys had some trouble with the car. 2 Hours later, we could hit the road and 4 hours of highway traffic we reached the contest place where we found a bunch of riders practicing. For some reason I was to tired to ride, and when I finally made it to the riding area somebody turned off the light of the gym. So no midnight session with the guys! Well at least we were all chilling together and had some rest on gymnastic mats.
The next day started with a shower, a breakfast, some Jesus guys who were super annoying and finally some riding! I was stoked on my first contest run combo, which I pulled, but sadly I could not pull any other new combos during my run! Since I was the first rider I could enjoy all the other Master Class runs, which was so cool to watch, cause everybody rode so well!
I did end up 15th, which was alright. But I guess next time it's gonna be better! Around midnight we had a chilled trip back home to Berlin. About 4 am I was finally home and super motivated to ride in the evening. I'm excited about these winter sessions at the icc!
Big thanks to Sascha who organized the whole contest so well, to Kristian and Markus for taking me there, and every rider who was there!

Manuel Bernardo gave me some picture, a little bit blurry but better than no pictures. ;)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

yeah zine photo contest

All female rider, go take a picture and send it in!