Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010

This year was definitely the best year ever! A lot of stuff was going on. Entering contests and riding as much as I can after moving to Berlin was so good! Things work out so fine, now. I've never felt so comfortable in my life, seriously.
So I am really curious what's up in 2011. So I am just writing this last post before heading to a weird bus tour through Berlin, before celebrating in a club at midnight with my friends. So thanks a lot to everybody who kept me positive, who rode with me and took me to contests.
Oh and I found this picture ( of me at the BMX Masters, I so can not wait for summer!

Until then ... let's ride a lot and get wasted!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Video V1.0

Alright people, here is my video made by fatboyfilm! Go, check it out, tell your friends, share it with the world or just enjoy it! There is also another version waiting to get shared, so stay tuned!
Thanks alot to fatboyfilm!

And have a nice holiday season, people!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Offline Magazine Translation

Last week Atila from the Hungarian Offline Magazine sent me a translation of the article he posted about Erin Donato and me. So ther you go with the translation:

Girls are on the way, everyone can tell! If you search ont he net for girl riders, you will find some, who takes riding seriously. For example, these two girls, Julia Preuss and Erin Donato! Last week, dedicated a whole week for girl riders, lots of videos, pics, and interviews were uploaded, showing for everyone, girls are here! I think, thats remain their secret, how can they manage to be a lady, and practicing for hours and getting dirty and sweaty. In my opinoin, there are two sides, one which thinks this is something to reject and laugh on, and one which thinks, this is very good and serious riding.

Recently I also mentioned that I had this little photo and video shoot with two friends of mine. There you go with a spy pic: 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Offline Magazine

Yesterday I received a message from Atilla, a Hungarian Flatland rider. He is doing the Flatland part of the Hungarian Magazine 'Offline'. Because of the fat favorites he posted an article about Erin Donato and me. It`s nuts cause Erin is for sure the best role model of every flatland riding girl! ahaha. So yeah, if you speak Hungarian read the article, if not just klick on the link and look at it! ;)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Julia`s Favourites

Alright, tomorrow it`s the last day of the Girls Week on and during that week my fat favourites list has been posted so far. There you go with those brand new pictures from last week and some favourites of me! Also stay tuned on some cool ICC pictures and maybe there is "a little something something" with moving pictures! Until then, let`s rock the ICC! :)