Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vienna in April

This week I was in Vienna, mainly for some sightseeing with my best friend. But a trip without my bike is unimaginable for me, so I took it with me to ride in that lovely city. Sadly there was just one day where it was possible to ride some Flatland. So I met with my very good friend Stephi and her boyfriend to ride in a small skatepark with a pretty sweet flat area beside it. Some breathing issues made it hard for me to ride but I mastered some tricks and was alright, even if I was super tired of so much sight seeing. Right after we chilled at the Donau with some ice cream and beer and hit a party boad with a dope life band.

The trip was super cool, thanks a lot to Reile, Stephi and Roman for a great time in Austria! :)

Doing some tricks.

Looking super retarted while opening some German candy during a break from riding, haha!

On the way back to the hostel, done with riding for the day and a super cool view of some mountains.

Sightseeing in Schönbrunn which has a pretty nice backyard and fountains.