Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FreedomBMX Article

Finally I got some time to put this little article online. You can find this page in the current FreedomBMX magazine. It's about a story about several BMX rider from the view of their very close friends, family or even employers. I've chosen my best friend Reile. If you are able to read it in German, enjoy. If not, enjoy it anyways. ;)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Flatland BBQ Jam in Berlin

There you go! In two months there is a Flatland BBQ Jam in the Center of Berlin. Everybody should join and have a good time having a BBQ and a lot of BMX riding!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Game of Skills, Vienna

Last weekend I took a spontaneous trip to Vienna again. This time for the second round of the Game of Skills Contest. I arrived Friday afternoon being all lost in Vienna. My friend Stephi picked me up and took me to the Heldenplatz later where we already met a few Flatland Rider. An hour and a flat tire later we left to get some food and a funny little parking lot session.
The next day I got to the Contest area early but unfortunately the contest started 3 hours later than expected. I messed up my run but I enjoyed all the other riders who were riding the contest. All in all the contest was really well organized by Michael Sommer. Lots of great riders were there and the party was fun, even if there weren't a lot of people. During the next morning global flat Martin, Sascha, the Canadian JF and me hit the road back to Germany. I got home all tired Sunday evening. But as always super motivated!

Thanks alot to everybody who helped me out during the fun weekend trip!